Friday, December 7, 2012

A Room With No View: Poetry Friday

A Room With No View

If you see only rooftops—
christen each shingle.

If you see only crows—
tickle their feathers.

If you see only wires—
join their crackling gossip.

If you see only clouds—
ask where they’ve been.

If you see only cages—
slide down the light on the bars,
and you will be free.

Dia Calhoun     12/12


  1. Welcome to Poetry Friday, Dia! LOVE your poem, each and every line. I can't pick a favorite. (Though that "crackling gossip" is extra delicious....) Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wonderful! There's always a view if you have the right attitude!

  3. Hi, Dia. I love your poem and the optimism it projects. My favorite lines are the last two:
    "slide down the light on the bars,
    and you will be free."

    Beautiful thought.

  4. Thank you! So much of life is about perception, isn't it?

  5. I too feel the "perception" as you put it and agree with Ruth, there is always a view, it just depends on what parts you choose to see. Lovely lovely words. Thanks for your offering here and I will be back to visit!

  6. Love this, Dia. The view out my own windows is nothing spectacular--suburban back yard, neighbors' roofs, etc. But I like to find an interesting or beautiful spot within the view to focus on. Love "christen each shingle."

  7. This is really beautiful, Dia! Brava, on finding the beauty in your surroundings, no matter.

  8. I think it is also about befriending whatever comes your way.