Tuesday, February 19, 2013

7:30 Bells: What Makes You Come Alive?

This weekend I visited a real Enchanted Forest--the Hoh Rainforest in the Olympic National Park in Washington where my husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary.  Walking through the Hall of Moss with its immense trees, I felt the same as when I’d watched the swallows in Siena fly around the Dumo. Here again, though in a different way, the ancient—the immense old trees—joined with the ephemeral—the red maple leaves. Here again, this joining of the ancient and the ephemeral made me feel as though I were standing in the Forever Now.

Something about this makes me come alive, makes the bells ring—this time in my own backyard. Now I know. What makes you come alive?

LORE OF THE BELL: Learn what makes you come alive—listen for it, watch for it.


  1. The Hoh rainforest is amazing. On one of the few backpacking trips I did without your husband, we hiked from there up to Mt Olympus. There was an incredible contrast between the moss-covered trees at the bottom and glacial ice only 3,000 feet higher.

    Happy aniversary to you both!

  2. How wonderful to hear the bells ringing in your backyard, in the here and now!