Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Choosing How to Connect: Second Annual Mouse House Retreat on the River

A glorious day here at River House on the Nisqually, with many of the writers in my Mouse House writers group. 

We wrote along the river. Ate strawberries picked that morning in my garden. Dodged a thunderstorm. Drank wine and hot chocolate huddled in the living room. We talked all things writing. Most of all, we came together in person instead of through screens.

With all the bombardment of  possible connection, we have to continuously and mindfully choose how we want to connect to the world. And what is most important for us to connect to, be it our writing, our readers, our family, or outward careers, our spirits.

 Lois Brandt

 Dave Patneaude

 Dori Hillstad Butler

Janet Lee Carey, Laurie Thompson, Kathryn Grace Bond, 
Lois Brandt, Dori Butler, Dia Calhoun, 
Suzanne Williams, Dave Patneaude

What a joyful day. Thank you all for coming. See you at the third annual Mouse House Retreat on the River!


  1. What a delight to see the faces of all these amazing people I admire and call my friends! Sorry to have missed the gathering, but grateful for your time together and my future times with you all. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. Not just any old hot chocolate, either. Mine was served with kahlua and whipped cream.:-) So terrific to spend a day with my favorite writers at Dia's lovely home on the river.

  3. It was an inspiring day. Each person added their own magic. I agree, Dia. Taking the time to come together and talk brings clarity and connection.

  4. Thank YOU, Dia! It was a wonderful way to spend the day, although in my case there was definitely not enough of it! Sorry I had such an abbreviated presence, but know that I am grateful for every minute.

  5. So glad you had a wonderful day!